Benefits of training activities of the Internal Audit and Management Review:

a. Trainees are able to understand and master the requirements of the Audit Based on ISO 19011.

b. Participants are able to carry out the Internal Quality Audit effectively

c. Participants know and understand the requirements and competence as an internal auditor.

d. Participants are able to evaluate and analyze and able to provide corrective actions related to audit findings internally.

e. Participants were able to prepare tools for external audit certification bodies.

f. Participants understand what is meant by Management Review and ordinances peklaksanaannya.

g. Participants were able to implement the Management Review properly and in accordance with the standards.

    Training Material Internal Audit and Management Review as follows:

a) Review ISO 19011 – Free Audit Management System.

b) Review 9001: 2015 – Quality Management System ISO.

c) Description and procedures for internal audit and external audit.

d) Method of internal audits and external as well as documentation.

e) The components involved in internal and external audit.

f) Analysis of deviations and determination of corrective and preventive actions

g) Closure of corrective and preventive actions as well as their control.

h) Simulation audit.

i) Implementation of management review and documentation in accordance with the standards.

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