This training is intended for participants to understand the detailed clause-by-clause of the standard and its implementation following the preparation of complete documentation. Trainees are required to understand precisely and develop the implementation of the documentation of their work places each – each. Service is impeccable born out of the commitment, high performance, and system implementation and documentation in accordance with international standards
Today the international management system so loved by the company’s low entry level up to the corporate hight because these standards are being prioritized for continual improvement of the system and periodically checks the system has been running. Employee performance evaluation also covered in these standards. The training also aims to order the participants can communicate systematically, as well as the perception among the various parties involved in the series of business processes in companies each – each. Implementation and Documentation Training Material:
a. The introduction and the Standard requirements.

b. Standard basic elements.

c. Understanding the concepts and principles Standard.

d. History ISO.

e. Other related standards.

f. Clauses detailed understanding and interpretation.

g. Documents and records appropriate standard requirements.

h. Introduction to the Documentation System according to Standard

i. Classification Documentation & Implementation

j. Control of documents and records pengendaian

k. Mechanical Preparation of documentation and its review

l. Know Audit Documentation in Systems Management and audit institutions

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